Stockinet meat packing tricot

Besides many other branches of industry, the meat packing and exporting sector has discovered the great advantage and ease of Appletex tricot.
Under the brand name Stockinet, many meat packing and exporting companies are already making use of this handy and very economical meat packing method. With these tricot tubes measuring 18, 35, 55, 75 and 90 cm across, many kinds of meat, such as quarters of beef,
half pigs, calves, cuts of veal, loins, joints of ham and so on, are packed for storage, freezing or transport.
Owing to a very specialized method of manufacturing Stockinet, very fast, hygienic and simple processing is possible. In addition, all these advantages are made even greater by the fact that it has a 'give'
of 200%, which makes for a particularly economical use.
Apart from supply on the roll in the measurements referred to, Stockinet can be supplied in ready-made bags in any required length.
One can therefore say in conclusion that Appletex can offer the meat packing and exporting industry a very high quality product made of cotton, polyester or other high quality materials.
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