Sitinet Tricot tubing

An important product from Appletex tricot factory is Sitinet tricot tubing.
A type of tricot specially manufactured for the furniture and foam rubber industries. These industries use Sitinet tricot for, amongst other things, covering foam rubber sections, latex cushions and mattresses. Sitinet tricot gives the upholstery fabrics not only excellent protection, but at the same time it neutralizes the effects of any pulling of the foam rubber and of marks showing through. And what is more, Sitinet
considerably reduces the wear and tear of the upholstery and the pile remains unaffected.
Sitinet tricot can be supplied in the following types of material: cellulose, cotton, nylon, polyester and flameresistant polyester.
Any type can be supplied in several different widths of tubing or in a ready-made cover of any required length.
Sitinet is also available in nylon in bundles of 1,5 to 2 kilos.
In nylon or polyester, Sitinet is also available as Rollinet. This type of tricot tubing is supplied on the roll and ready for use, for example for the covering of foam rubber cushions and mattresses.
For covering latex and stretch mattresses we can supply you with a cotton Single Jersey inner lining in several diameters. For stitching through damask, Single Jersey cotton 235 or 245 cm wide is used.
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