Polinet polishing tricot

From the very beginning, Appletex has been a producer of industrial knitted products. Our many years of experience have resulted in a product of an exceedingly high quality.
In response to the ever increasing demand for a polishing material that is harmless to the environment, Appletex has developed Polinet, a polishing tricot that fully meets the highest requirements. For instance, Polinet is manufactured from 100% cotton. This makes it a lightweight
polishing material, economical in use, soft to the touch and completely scratch-free.
All these plus points have resulted in Polinet being extensively used in all general polishing jobs and for cars in particular.
Polinet is supplied on the roll or in cut form. Supply in small quantities is also possible for sale to the general public, as well as in any packaging and printing you desire. We, as a tricot factory, have a large production capacity at our disposal, enabling Polinet polishing tricot to be supplied at a specially favourable price.
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