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In 1958 HEGRI International started with the selling of cleaning articles for cars, among them polishing tricot, to companies in the automotive trade.
HEGRI then bought its polishing tricot from a textile factory. This factory was unable to meet the demand and thus HEGRI purchased two second-hand knitting machines. These machines then turned at full speed for Polinet polishing tricot.

In the course of the years the demand grew for industrial tricot fabrics. There was a demand for tricot for the covering of foam rubber pillows and mattresses and for the protection of furniture upholstering materials. The name for this furniture tricot became Sitinet.

Another branch of business, namely the meat industry, also wanted to start using tricot. This tricot, Stockinet, must protect the meat against dirt and discoloration. Thanks to this the meat retains its freshness and valuable quality.

After 55 years, HEGRI International BV stops as a familybusiness
As of October 1st. 2013, our company has been sold to Appletex International Ltd, producer of exactly the same products.
To make sure the transition works out fine, Mr. Fred Hetterscheid will still be part of the company for one more year, to be at your service as good as possible.
Not a lot changes. You can still place your orders in the same way that you’re used to.
Paul and Ellen Thuis will leave the company but want to take this opportunity, to thank all customers for the nice cooperation and the trust put in them.
We hope, that the contacts with Appletex International Ltd, will be as pleasant for you as they were with HEGRI.

By now Appletex has grown into a modern exporting company with 50 knitting machines that can knit in various diameters from 4 till 125 centimetres. Of course, on these machines quality yarns are also processed and because of this we can also efficiently knit - and rapidly deliver - our quality tricot products. After knitting, Appletex can confect the tricot in any length desired, both for the packaging of meat and as furniture tricot.

The large capacity - and the possibility of fast delivery - together with the delivery of regular qualities, have contributed substantially to the growth of the company.